Painting is only one of my passions...

As careers go, mine is awesome.  By day I am a subatomic physicist, and I LOVE my job.  As a hobby, oil painting provides me a creative outlet and putting the paint to the canvas is in itself, a very satisfying process.  That I get to have an outlet, and create something that might make others happy, is a huge bonus.

3/11 Studios

The name of the studio has a deep meaning for me.  I have suffered through 8 miscarriages.  So I have 3 living children out of 11 pregnancies.  There is so much emotion surrounding a miscarriage; physical pain, anger, anguish, and shame.  

Work in progress

My lowest point was when I realized that I was feeling hate and jealousy when I saw other families with infants and young children.  Eventually, with the help of several wonderful doctors, I was able to have my 3 wonderful children.  As I work on this self-portrait over the years, I add layers of paint.  Sometimes I am trying to erase something I want to fix.  Sometimes I am adding more of what I like, or tweaking it a bit.  It makes me think of the process of living - the mistakes and bad things are still there, but we can embrace them, and tweak them, and turn them into something new.  

We are all a work in progress.